Goran Krmac is a performer, composer, and arranger active since 2010. He finds his main creative expression as a virtuoso tubist with jazz, folk, and classical influences. His foremost endeavour is Planetarium, a solo tuba/real-time electronic sound manipulation performance which combines live music performance with soundbites from the diary of a deep space exploration mission’s crew member who, by dealing with novel experiences, treacherous and fascinating alike, fulfills a voyage of self-discovery. Through a custom-built software-hardware interface, Goran Krmac turns real-time sound manipulation into an extension of his instrumental performance. Goran is also featured on releases by established Slovenian jazz, pop, and folk artists, such as Kaja Draksler, Robert Jukič, Big band RTV Slovenija, Boštjan Simon, Rudi Bučar, Janez Dovč, and Sounds of Slovenia, to name a few. Also active as conductor and arranger, Goran is the artistic leader of Big band Cerknica.





[translation from Slovenian: to be/data bites]

The modern cultural landscape has been permanently affected by pandemic times. Many cultural establishments and individuals have found themselves on the brink of survival, being motivated more than ever to take an innovative approach towards their ways and means of expression. Internet-era technologies have provided an unprecedented framework for digital art galleries and museums, live streaming concerts, theatre plays, performances and movies; even architecture has started taking social distancing into consideration. It is safe to say that even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, some of these changes will be here to stay. In the case of live-streamed music performances, there are undoubtedly many drawbacks to the overall experience: lack of audience-performer communication, economical sustainability, audiovisual quality, rights management etc. The BITI project focuses on what can be done within the new medium to enhance the experience: production techniques, electroacoustic sound design, interdisciplinary collaboration. The project will take form in a short series of live-streamed music/visual art performances, including a short behind-the-scenes documentary discussing motivations, ideas, techniques etc., and will also be presented live in a major Slovenian performance venue.

S kratkimi glasbenimi skicami, zapisanimi le zato, da bi izvajalcem ponujale trdno oporo pri improvizaciji, se je s skladbami, ki bi jim lahko pripisali izjemno čutnost, predstavil ne le kot odličen jazzovski tubist, temveč tudi skladatelj, od katerega v prihodnosti pričakujemo veliko.

Goran Krmac se je s projektom, kot je omenjeni mednarodni kvartet, pokazal kot izvrsten komponist.